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“Smith steals the show here in a bravura performance that reminded me ever-so-slightly of Tim Curry.”

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“Smith as Rupert has perhaps the most arduous role with his discussion of the lack of logic in murder and war but then, like Inspector Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express, he spectacularly uncovers the deviousness of the night's behavior and becomes the champion and star.”

Broadway World Review

“Smith’s effete Rupert suggest[s] his own capacity for conceiving of, if not executing, evil.”

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Hit the Wall

Los Angeles LGBT Center


"Their commitment to Holter’s script, Anna Waronker and Charlotte Caffey’s music, Yusuf Nasir’s choreography and Edgar Landa’s fight choreography is absolute."  "It’s both an electrifying look back and a trenchant plea for continued progress, and not only to the LGBT community. Don’t miss it."

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"...Smith's truly frightening yet still human Cop..."




"Donnie Smith spars so well with Hancock as the arresting Cop.  Their scenes together (as well as Smith's with Gulezian) -- just simply brutal."

Broadway World



"Letting us revisit the thrill of such a last-straw protest, and even better, helping us to feel it as if we were there, is the considerable triumph of Hit the Wall."

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"Also making us shiver are Donnie Smith as the overpowering cop who harrasses and beats then cowers and pleads when Peg draws a gun on him and almost ends his life."

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Sunny Afternoon

Gangbusters Theatre Co.


"Powerful work is done too by Smith as the Secret Service agent riding in the car behind the President's..."  




"...the ensemble really rocks."

Stage and Cinema



"All of the actors deserve much praise for their dedication to the authenticity of the play as a whole."

Broadway World


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Rogue Machine Theatre


"Smith rings all the changes with unflappable authority, seeming to control the lights and sound with a snap of his fingers.  He's never boring, and his lightning shifts of tone and attack keep the audience on its toes, aided by the uncredited lighting design, which adds to the sometimes-disconcerting volatility."  




“…splendidly performed by Donnie Smith…” 

“…the mocking intensity of Smith's presence, with glaring eyes, a rich gravel voice and overriding defensiveness, keeps us tethered to empathy.”

“It's a performance that forces us to consider life's precariousness, and how best to cope with it, before we too fall off the edge of the world, as we all do at some point.”

 LA Weekly



"Smith astounds with his commanding stage presence, intense delivery and firm grasp of MacIvor's ramblings of a man possessed."  

"Victor is Smith's tour-de-force!"

 CultureSpot LA

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Small Engine Repair

Rogue machine Theatre


"...Smith is so dynamic as the brash, crass, yet big-hearted Swaino that this reviewer feels fortunate to be the first to rave about his work in print."